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You Are Your Best Sales Weapon

Do you feel pressured to always be “on” when you are in sales? Do folks cringe and shy away from you when they find out what you do for a living? If that has happened to you, join me and learn how to be OUTRAGEOUSLY AUTHENTICTM.

My name is Leigh Brown and I am affectionately known as the “No B.S. Realtor“. My outrageously authentic approach to sales has skyrocketed me to the TOP 3% of real estate agents in the nation! In my book, I will arm you with the tools you need to:

  • Present yourself confidently
  • Use social media to explode your fan/customer base
  • Understand your customers’ needs which will result in increased sales numbers
  • Brand yourself consistently for long-term success

Once you are authentic in your life, everything changes. Are you ready to be outrageously authentic?

About The Author

Leigh Brown is an international sales and motivational speaker who happens to be hilarious in an almost-inappropriate-but-still-family-friendly way. She is one of the top-selling real estate agents (aka REALTOR) in the Charlotte, North Carolina real estate market. Leigh is a RE/MAX broker/owner with one of the largest and most successful firms on the planet! Add to that, she just happens to be in the RPAC Hall of Fame (whoop, whoop if you know what that is).

Leigh is a dedicated wife, an involved mama, and has 3 cats (yes, 3!) who are available for adoption any night they decide to cough hairballs around 3:00 am. She is a child of God and a follower of Jesus, just trying to get life right, one mistake at a time.


Leigh is a breath of fresh air and told it like it was. I was entertained the entire day… Never a dull moment. Learned so much that I will take away to change and implement. Love her!

Jenn Williams

Leigh is refreshing, honest, vibrant, full of character, energy and offers good solid business plans that seem to work in her market place. We plan to implement some of her ideas immediately.

Robin Simon

I highly recommend Leigh Brown. She manages to mix a huge amount of information into a delightful stand-up routine! Time flies by and when it’s over you’ll wish she was your sister!

Margie Maybe

Leigh is light hearted and humorous, but heavy hitting. She demands us to really own the problems in our profession and to step up our game, then she arms us with tools to do so. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your boldness and your willingness to share.

Larry Austin

Leigh inspires and invigorates me. In her I see someone I can fully relate to. I see a southern, straight talking woman who is a fighter. (A woman) who has fought for her success, her family, her integrity, her faith. Often, I see people who have characteristics that I would like to adopt, seldom do I see a true balanced role model that is worth emulating. Leigh, thank you for that.

Candace Crowder

The Glorious Feeling of Accomplishment

At the core of Leigh’s book is the story of a young woman who strives to achieve success through a disciplined approach to business and life.

 “… the very best salespeople are the best because they pay attention. They connect you not only to the product that they have to sell, but also to other things that are relevant and beneficial to you.”

 “No matter what you do in your career or your personal life, your why is what helps you create that core belief system that allows you to touch other people’s lives. It’s what allows you to stretch outside that paradigm that you currently live in—to be outrageously authentic.”

 “Offer nothing less than your most authentic self to others and you will find that your authenticity spreads like wildfire—lifting people up and lighting every corner of our world.”

Leigh Brown's book Outrageous Authenticity

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